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25 February 2019 - 28 February 2019
Barcelona, Spain
MWC Brokerage event 2019

Networking Workshop with Poland, Israel, South Korea, Argentina & Brazil

Are you interested in promoting your technology or participating in RD collaborative projects in growth potential markets? ACCIÓ’s foreign offices and the Enterprise Europe Network invite you to explore the opportunities that Poland, Israel, South Korea, Argentina and Brazil can offer related to the ICT industry.  

If you plan to attend the MWC 2019, do not miss the chance to discover these attractive ecosystems. Connect with key agents, companies and open innovation platforms. Accelerate your access into these markets with strategic joint projects with local partners!


The structure of the Workshop will be the following:

To start with, we will welcome the international business delegations and the Catalan participants with coffee and pastries. That will be followed by a presentation tackling the Catalan innovation ecosystem and the support offered by ACCIÓ to foreign investment and partner search in Catalonia.  

Then, we will continue with the bilateral workshops that will be held during the day. These will include an introduction to each market (Poland, Israel, South Korea, Argentina and Brazil), presentation of their ICT ecosystem and information about national funding schemes. After each session you will have the opportunity to network with key agents and companies from each of these countries.  

Check here the agenda.

In addition, keep in mind that the Brokerage event will be held during the following days (26-28 Feb) at the same spot. The Brokerage event is the best opportunity to find international business and technology partners. More than 400 companies of 40 different nationalities are participating. Sign up here (https://mwc2019.b2match.io/) before February 12th!

Do not miss it!


  • Are you from Poland? Contact Michal Chabasiewicz, Director ACCIÓ Poland, at MChabasiewicz@catalonia.com
  • Are you from Israel? Contact Gil Oren, Consultant ACCIÓ Israel, at goren@catalonia.com
  • Are you from South Korea? Contact Sue Kim, assistant researcher at edRESEARCH, sj.kim@edresearch.co.kr
  • Are you from Argentina? Contact Horacio Babini, Director ACCIÓ Argentina, at hbabini@catalonia.com
  • Are you from Brazil? Contact Josep Maria Buades, Director ACCIÓ Brasil, at jbuades@catalonia.com

For Catalan participants register here.


Closed since 20 February 2019


Av. Joan Carles I, 64 08908 L'Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona). Catalan Pavilion (CS20 at Congress Square) – Brokerage event area

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Participants 424
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Andorra 1
Argentina 12
Austria 5
Belgium 20
Brazil 2
Bulgaria 5
Canada 6
China 1
Croatia 2
Czech Republic 1
Denmark 2
Estonia 1
Finland 2
France 36
Gambia 1
Germany 9
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United Kingdom 6
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